Absentee Voting Information

You, as a registered voter, may cast a vote using an absentee ballot only if you are unable to appear in person to vote at the polling place on the day of an Election, Primary, or Referendum* due to one or more of the following reasons:

Warning:  Voting by absentee ballot if you are not eligible to do so for one of the six reasons listed above can subject you to civil and criminal penalties.

*Referendum also allows any citizen who is on the last completed Grand List with an assessment of at least $1,000.

Absentee Ballot Information

Absentee Ballot Process

Absentee Ballot Applications (in English or Spanish) are available to voter's who are unable to vote in person on the day of election due to one of the above listed reasons.  Absentee Ballot Applications can be obtained in the Town Clerk's Office, from the website - Click Here for the English version, or from the Secretary of State's website, where a Spanish version of the form is available as well.  The completed application must be returned to the Town Clerk's Office either by mail or in person.  The law allows for assistance in filling out your application provided that person completes the "Declaration of person providing assistance" sections located at the bottom of the application.  When your application is fully completed, dated, and signed submit in person or by mail to:
    Sprague Town Clerk
    1 Main Street
    P.O. Box 162
    Baltic, CT 06330

There are specific rules regarding "Unsolicited Absentee Ballot Applications" please see attached.

You may hand deliver your completed application and receive your ballot immediately from the Town Clerk or you may mail your application and your ballot will be mailed within 24 hours.

Completed application can be faxed to the Town Clerk and a ballot can be issued immediately but the original application must be mailed and received before the ballot can be counted.

Your ballot must be returned to the Town Clerk's Office no later than closing of the polls (8:00 p.m.) on the day of election, primary or referendum.

For more information about absentee ballots, call the Town Clerk's Office at 860.822.3000 ext. 220.

Application For Absentee Ballot
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