Land Records

The land records for the Town of Sprague are administered and maintained by the Town Clerk.  The land records are official documents relating to real estate property, including deeds, easements, mortgages, liens, maps, and other related documents.

Recording (& Copy) Fees for Land Record Documents

First page (non-map) $ 60.00
Each subsequent page 5.00
Conveyance surcharge 2.00
Missing grantee address surcharge 5.00
Missing typed/printed witness name surcharge 1.00
Map 10.00
Subdivision map (3 or more lots) 20.00
Copies of documents (per page) 1.00
Document copy certification 2.00

Property Transfer Considerations

Documents that transfer (convey) title to real estate property must include a completed CT Department of Revenue Services Real Estate Conveyance Tax Return form (Form OP236) when presented for recording and the appropriate conveyance tax will be collected at that time prior to recording.  The conveyance tax for Sprague is calculated at .005 per thousand dollars.  Form OP236 may be obtained at the Town Clerk's Office or may be ordered on-line at the Department of Revenue Services website.

Department of Revenue Services website



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