Town of Sprague

Selectman's Corner

November 2018

From the Desk of the First Selectman,


                November rolled in with a vengeance with cold days and even colder nights! I for one was hoping to keep the heat off until December! The turkeys are out and about keeping a watchful eye on all of us. I believe they are hoping we are considering squash instead of golden turkey pieces smothered in gravy… Ah we all hope for something.


The public works crew have prepared the trucks, mixed sand and salt and generally have geared up for winter! We also had a few roads that needed repair due to the floods last month. These have been addressed with full repair on Hazelwood and Pinecrest and a temporary repair on Pearl St. It appears we will be eligible for FEMA funds which will allow all repairs to be completed in full.


The Town has passed a budget which is austere, both the school and operations side of the Town budget will be monitored closely to ensure compliance. If you have questions on any project or line item please stop in the Town Hall for review of any and all documents.


There will be an upcoming Town meeting on the lease of the Fusion property (which is Town Property) for another large solar project. Please attend to gather all information, the date and time will be noticed as it always is (in the newspaper, and on the Town’s website).


Discussions continue on the Riverside Dr housing project. And yes, the cleanup of the Versailles Pond and some of the coves of PaperMill Pond have been accepted by DEEP. The detailed plans are being drafted and as soon as they are available we will provide copies for review at the Town Hall.


As always thanks for your support



First Selectman

Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007

The Administrative Office of The First Selectman has direct responsibility for oversight and management of the following functions:

  • Human Resources (Pay & Benefit Administration/Personnel/Labor Relations)
  • Information Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Improvements

Also has indirect oversight of Health and Emergency Medical Services.


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