Selectman's Corner

August August 2016

From the Desk of the First Selectman


We are deep into the doldrums of summer. It is the time of year when we ensure our young and young at heart are drinking plenty of water and not overly exerting themselves. A gentle reminder please do not leave pets tied up outside it is simply put not good for them.   


The Town of Sprague has been hard at work on the capital projects authorized in the budget approved for 2016/2017.


We have ordered a dump truck which will replace the yellow dump truck circa 2000; it is slated to arrive early this winter. In addition we received a grant that will help cover the costs of replacing three large pieces of equipment (a sweeper, a roadside mower and a vac-all). The Town will share this equipment with Bozrah and Franklin. They will be housed in Sprague.


We will also be replacing one of our senior vans circa 2001. We also a received a grant to cover a large portion of the replacement cost of this piece of equipment. This should arrive this summer.


We will have security cameras installed around the assets of the Water & Sewer department. This should be completed before September rolls around. In addition a repair to the spliter box will be completed by early fall. This item separates the sewerage at the treatment plant and is necessary for the efficient operation there.


We are going to be putting out to bid plans to repair up to three dry hydrants in Town necessary for water access in areas that public water is either not available or not prolific enough. These projects are planned for a late fall completion.


Road repairs will be out to bid soon. They include drainage on Fullertown Rd, curb repairs and upgrades to a variety of lengths of ribbon rail. These projects are also planned for a late fall completion. We did receive another CDBG grant to work on another section of road in the Village of Baltic. This project will be completed no later than the spring of 2017.


A study to assess the work necessary to address issues concerning the Hanover Dam is currently under way. We hope to be able to outline repairs and improvements necessary for this aging dam and the silting in of the pond. Once we have this information we will determine resources available to complete the recommendations.


We continue upgrading the Baltic Fire Department’s building with the resources made available. These include air conditioning in the office areas, plans to make the bathrooms ADA accessible and a commercial washer and dryer which will handle cleaning turn out gear.


We appreciate the support of the Town which allows us to upgrade the infrastructure keeping everything in running order.


As always thanks for your support!


Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman

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About Our Selectman

Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007
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The Administrative Office of The First Selectman has direct responsibility for oversight and management of the following functions:

  • Human Resources
    (Pay & Benefit Administration/Personnel/Labor Relations)
  • Information Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Improvements
Also has indirect oversight of Health and Emergency Medical Services.