Selectman's Corner

June June 2015

From the Desk of the First Selectman



            The Town has taken on the glow of an early summer slightly warmer than normal, I am happy to be able to walk outside without wearing a jacket! Take time to enjoy a walk around the reservoir or on the sidewalks in the Baltic Village area. Not only is it nice to be outside walking is great exercise.


The budget was approved at referendum thank you for voting! The Town is planning to reconstruct 2 more roads (both Sunrise and Grandview) this would not be possible without your help.


We are almost done sweeping the streets cleaning up the remains of a long cold winter. We will be going immediately into roadside mowing, cleaning around guide rail and the centers of roadways. In addition we will be cleaning up cemeteries and the recreation fields.


If you have a free moment stop by the Little League field in Baltic and watch the kids playing ball. As always please keep an eye out for children and let them enjoy the outside activities and play safely.


If you are looking for an outside activity the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has stocked local rivers and brooks, take the kids out for a day of fishing. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy your Town!


As always thanks for your support!


Cathy Osten

First Selectman

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About Our Selectman

Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007
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The Administrative Office of The First Selectman has direct responsibility for oversight and management of the following functions:

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