Selectman's Corner

September September 2016

From the Desk of the First Selectman



As the summer rolls to an end we delight in the bounty from gardens tended by friends, neighbors and local farms. It is also the time of year when our children return to their job which is educating themselves for the future. We do have a small educational supply drive going on in Town which augments the supplies purchased by the parents and the Board of Education. If you can donate please drop off donations at either the Town Hall or the school, your generosity is appreciated!


We continue working around Town clearing brush, straightening guide poles, painting lines, mowing, trimming trees, etc.. If you have something that needs to be addressed that we may have missed please let us know we will add it to the list!


The library did a stellar job of encouraging summer reading. The rec committee had a good attendance at the bi-weekly outside movies and when it was not raining the concerts were well attended. And thanks to our summer rec crew we doubled the attendance and provided a fun time for our children.


We are gearing up for a beautiful fall season with a crisp bite to the air. The 3VFF promises to be bigger than ever. Please stop by.


As always thanks for your support!


Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman

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About Our Selectman

Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007
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