Town of Sprague

Selectman's Corner

October 2018

From the Desk of the First Selectman,


                October is here bringing scarecrows, pumpkins, apples and the smell of leaves as they fall in deep piles for us to kick about. I love this time of year when I can put on a sweater and go for a long walk clearing my mind of the summer doldrums.


Most of the summer projects have been completed, thank goodness. The public works crew is working on its second round of roadside mowing. They are also preparing the trucks, mixing sand and salt and generally gearing up for winter!


The Town will have a budget to vote on this month which is austere and as tight as possible, as of this writing it is not planned that there will be a need for an additional mill rate increase. There is some discussion regarding the need to build up our fund balance but there are two new economic initiatives which may deal with this issue.


We are selling scrap metal out of the papermill site bringing in $250,000. In addition, another solar project has been initiated which if approved will bring in more revenue then the site on Potash Hill. Also, it looks as if the Riverside Dr housing project may start to finally come into fruition.


This has been a tough year but working together we will survive and be all the better for the strength we showed by working together!


As always thanks for your support



First Selectman


Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007

The Administrative Office of The First Selectman has direct responsibility for oversight and management of the following functions:

  • Human Resources (Pay & Benefit Administration/Personnel/Labor Relations)
  • Information Systems
  • Risk Management
  • Capital Improvements

Also has indirect oversight of Health and Emergency Medical Services.


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