Selectman's Corner

December December 2015

From the Desk of the First Selectman



            The temperature has started to drop and the air has a bite to it that is a portent of things to come! The yards have been rid of fallen leaves, the garden tools are tucked away for another year, and the trees’ bare limbs create a dramatic scene with a backdrop of a pale blue sky. Long winter walks are more comfortable when accompanied with woolen hats and gloves. And the wily turkeys are hiding from hunters who are busy looking for a holiday dinner.


The Town continues with roadside mowing, chipping fallen debris and preparing roadsides for the winter. We have finished Sunrise and Grandview and a little road project fixing curbing and damaged guide rail. The vehicles have been washed, greased, oiled and made ready for any activity old man winter has to throw at us. The salt shed is filled with a mixture of salt and sand, standing ready to keep the roads safe for travel.


The Town will be helping out families in need with gifts to make their holidays as bright as yours and mine. If you would like to participate you can donate either a new unwrapped toy or monetary donation with the Town Clerk. It will be put to good use each year we have helped 60 Sprague children enjoy the holidays!


Remember this is a time for family take some time to enjoy each other, it is what really matters!


As always thanks for your support!


Cathy Osten

First Selectman

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About Our Selectman

Catherine A. Osten

First Selectman since 2007
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