Town of Sprague

Calendar of Events

Events for Wednesday, May 8th

Board of Selectmen
Regular Meeting
Wednesday May 8, 2019
Court Room

Postponed until 7:00PM

1.  Call to order

2.  Pledge of allegiance

3.  Review and act on minutes of Regular Meeting April 10, 2019 and Special Meeting April 22, 2019.

4.  Act on request for tax refund of overpayment of taxes.

5.  Discuss Registrar Statutes and hours.

6.  Discuss and possibly act on the ladder truck for the Baltic Fire Department.

7.  Accept a recommendation from the Tree Warden and the Conservation Commission for a Forester for the reservoir property.

8.  Selectman’s report

9.  Public comment

10.  Adjournment

                                                                                                Catherine A. Osten
                                                                                                First Selectman

Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Town Hall Courtroom

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