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Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Town Hall

  Legal Notice

Town of Sprague

Annual Budget Meeting

The electors and citizens qualified to vote in the Town of Sprague are hereby warned that the Annual Budget Meeting of said Town will be held at the Sprague Senior Center, 1 Main Street, Baltic, CT at 7:00PM October 3, 2018 to hear and act on the following:

 1.  "Shall the 2018-2019 budget, totaling $9,163,959 with $2,835,291for total General Government and $6,328,668 for the Board of Education, be approved?"

Note:  Pursuant to C.G.S. 7-7, the Board of Selectmen has voted that item #1 shall be removed to a referendum.  The Selectmen have set the date for the referendum to be held on Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at the Baltic Firehouse, Rt. 138, Bushnell Hollow Road, Baltic, CT.  Paper Ballots will be used.  A vote of "YES" being a vote for approval, and a vote of "NO" being a vote for disapproval.

 2.  To discuss the 2018/2019 Budget.

The polls will be opened from 6:00am to 8:00pm.  Absentee ballots are available in the office of the Sprague Town Clerk, 1 Main Street, Baltic, CT.

Citizens qualified to vote, in accordance with Sec. 7-6 are:  Any person who is an elector of the Town of Sprague, and any citizen of the age of eighteen years or more, who is liable to the Town for taxes on an assessment of not less than $1,000 on the last completed grand list.

Copies of the perfected budget are available in the office of the Town Clerk, 1 Main Street, Baltic during normal business hours and at

 To view the proposed budgets, go to Home Page, Annual Budget Meeting, October 3, 2018.

                                                                                    BOARD OF SELECTMEN

                                                                                    Catherine A. Osten

                                                                                    Denise M. Dembinski

                                                                                    Cheryl A. Blanchard


Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Town Hall Senior Center

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