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  • Researching and networking with various sources for grants, at the Federal and State level, as well as private foundations and other private sector sources for the benefit of the Town and its residents. These grants relate to a wide array of areas such as, capital improvement, infrastructure, economic development, residential social morale and recreation, as well as land and water conservation projects.
  • Upon approval by the First Selectman of grant application, research is performed on the scope of the project, budget/cost analysis, duration, matching funds, pre-application requirements such as environmental/engineering studies, architectural/engineering drawings and construction manuals.
  • When grant award amounts differ from the application amount, the scope and budget of the grant are reevaluated, adjusted and rewritten for submission and approval. On occasion, other compatible funding sources need to be secured in order to accept and undertake a project at minimum expense to the Town.
  • Monitoring of grants to ensure administration and management is done in accordance with accepted procedures, rules and regulations including any special conditions established for each specific grant. Assures that the resources committed to specific programs are used effectively in accordance with the terms of the grant. Adherence to government requirements for the development, preparation, and administration of project grants.
  • From the start to finish of a project, detailed reporting is required on the progress of the project on a monthly, quarterly or as designated by the funding source(s). If multiple funding sources are involved, reports are compiled for each and according to their specific formats and often require different levels of criteria for the completion of these reports.
  • Construction projects often require change orders for unforeseeable situations. This situation calls for coordination of the collaboration between the architect/engineer/ contractor and funding source(s) should the change be outside the scope of the grant contract. These proposed change orders need to be approved on all levels before continuation of the project.
  • Reporting on construction projects not only includes regular reporting, change orders, but also requests for payment which need to be channeled through all interested parties for approval. Prevailing wage rates, OSHA regulations and product manufacturing criteria need to be strictly adhered to as penalties can be incurred or grant funds can be rescinded for any variance from the grant contract terms. This also may hinder future awards from the same funder.
  • Upon completion of a project, close out of the grant is just as involved as the initial writing of the grant. Final reports and on-site inspections are often required. Financial accountability is key to laying the foundation for the next round of the grant funding. Assistance may also be required in the monitoring/auditing of completed projects by the grant funding source.
  • Participation in activities related to grants application, administration and monitoring such as attending conferences/training/workshops with Federal, State or local agencies as well as private sector agencies. Keeping informed of developments and potential for upcoming funding availability.

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