Town of Sprague

Building Inspector

Please call to discuss your proposed project in the early planning stage. This will save you time and money through the duration of your project. Contact Building Inspector


The Building Inspector is responsible for:

  • Building permits and inspections of new construction, renovations, and improvements to ensure public safety in accordance with the Connecticut State Building Code and other applicable codes.
  • Review and issue all types of permits, including but not limited to residential and commercial construction, swimming pool installation, decks, sheds, siding and roofing installations, renovations, solid fuel burning device installation such as wood or pellet stoves, and sign installation and replacement.

Any permit issued will require certain onsite inspections to be completed by the Town. This could be limited to just one inspection or as many as ten or even more depending on your project. The required inspections for your project will be explained to you when your permit is issued. Inspections require prior notice of an inspector being onsite so please plan in advance so your project stays on schedule.

Permit applications are available during all Town Hall hours in the literature rack outside of the Building Official's office.


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