Town of Sprague

Planning and Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of seven members serving a 4 year term, and three alternates serving a 6-year term. The P&Z has the powers and duties prescribed in the Connecticut General Statues (Chapters 124 and 126) and other applicable General Special Acts of the General Assembly. They meet the first Wednesday of each month in the Town Hall.


  • To prepare, adopt, or amend the Conservation and Development Plan
  • To establish, change, or repeal zoning and subdivision regulations, and zoning districts
  • To hear, consider, and decide upon applications for approval of subdivision or resubdivision plans, site plans, and special permits
  • To ensure compliance with Chapter 24
  • To review and make recommendations on proposed municipal improvements, such as streets, bridges, schools, parks, utilities, sidewalks, public housing, etc.
  • To prepare and file surveys, maps, or plans of proposed streets

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