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Conservation and Agriculture Commission


The Conservation and Agriculture Commission consists of eleven members appointed to a 5-year term. The commission now meets at 6:00 p.m. on the second Monday of each month in the Courtroom of the Town Hall, 1 Main Street, Baltic. The public is always welcome.


  • The preservation of open land and the protection of wetlands through the provisions of the Town, State and Federal Wetlands Protection statutes;
  • Protect wetlands from illegal filling or pollution;
  • The acquisition of open lands for passive recreation purposes;
  • Identify opportunities for farming additional lands in and about Sprague;
  • Promote opportunities for residents and local businesses to support and value farming;
  • Serve as a communication vehicle between non-profit agencies, funders, and local farmers;
  • Work to create a climate that supports the economic viability of farming as a career;
  • Work to create a sustainable agriculture community;
  • Perform studies having a goal to secure, protect and foster the land base necessary for future agricultural uses;
  • Serve as a general information source for town agencies and residents concerning agriculture;
  • Support young farmers by supporting local, regional, and state vocational agricultural education and 4-H programs; and
  • Identify grants and other funding sources that may possibly assist farming, husbandry and agriculture.

The Town of Sprague Welcomes ALL visitors to the Sprague (aka Mukluk) Preserve, but please obey a few simple rules:

  • Drive your car all the way down the dirt road (7/10 mile) and park near the cabin where there's room. Parking on the road means that other cars can't pass you.
  • Please obey the signs that say to keep out of certain areas where we are cleaning up the lead pellets from years of hunting. You will know these areas immediately by the cheery orange and yellow fencing (no, we don't like it either, but it does the trick.)
  • ATVs and motorbikes are prohibited. The area is patrolled and violators will be prosecuted.
  • Please respect this lovely resource and take out anything you bring into the woods - help keep our park gorgeous.
  • The Preserve is closed at sunset except to fishermen. Currently, the gate will be locked at sunset.
  • Take note of seasonal hunting provisions in the Preserve and dress/hike accordingly

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Conservation and Agriculture Commission

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Conservation and Agriculture Commission

Staff Members

Donald Boushee
Term End: 08/31/2020

Alison Blanchard
Term End: 08/31/2021

David B. Gustafson
Term End: 08/31/2018

David Heg
Term End: 08/31/2019

Christian P. Mueller
Term End: 08/31/2017

Eric Wold
Term End: 08/31/2021

Ronald Deslandes
Term End: 05/01/2021

Armand Glaude

Gerry Lachance

Arthur E. Spielman, IV

Stuart A. Woronecki


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