Town of Sprague

Regional Animal Control Board


The Regional Animal Control serves the towns of Bozrah, Franklin, Lebanon, Lisbon, and Sprague. The Board recommends rules and regulations pertaining to operation of animal control facilities, standards, and procedures for enforcement and regulation.

Out of Town Members

  • William Ballinger - Bozrah
  • Richard Matters - Franklin
  • Joyce Okonuk - Lebanon
  • Thomas Sparkman - Lisbon


  • Enforcing the animal control laws of the State of Connecticut
  • Stray and injured dogs
  • Complaints regarding animal abuse and cruelty
  • Nuisance animals
  • Domestic and wild animal bites
  • Large domestic animal issues (farm animals)
Regional Animal Control Board

Upcoming Meetings

Regional Animal Control Board has no upcoming meetings
Regional Animal Control Board

Staff Members

Catherine A. Osten
Sprague Member

Denise Ethier Dembinski
Sprague Member


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