Town of Sprague

Board of Selectmen

First Selectman Catherine A. Osten (D)


The First Selectman is the chief executive officer of the Town of Sprague. The Board of Selectmen is the community's principal elected three-member executive board for the Town. The Selectmen are elected and serve for two-year terms.

Citizens wishing to address the Board of Selectmen may do so during the Public Audience portion of each meeting. The Selectman's Office is also open to all residents to discuss any issues concerning town government.


The Board of Selectmen of the Town of Sprague is dedicated to:

  • Providing a living and working environment built on community spirit of trust, respect and broad based citizen involvement.
  • Maintaining the highest quality of municipal services in a fiscally responsible manner.
  • Facilitating the Town's economic development while preserving its rural charm.


  • Administration of the general town government, working under Connecticut General Statutes and local ordinances
  • Appoint electors to boards and commissions

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