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Request for Proposal - Lead Based Paint Testing and Consulting Services

August 1st, 2019



Lead Based Paint Testing and Consulting Services


The Town of Sprague is requesting proposals from qualified individuals or firms to conduct lead-based paint risk assessments and preparation of lead-based paint management/mitigation/abatement plans for residential properties participating in their Small Cities Housing Rehabilitation Loan Program. The Town anticipates 15-20 properties to participate over a two-year period.


Interested parties can obtain information by contacting Andre P. Trudelle, Grant Writer and Contract Manager, Town of Sprague at 860-822-3000 x 206 or Monday, Tuesday

 8:00-4:30 and Wednesday 8:00-5:30. The RFP is also available on the Towns website at under bids and on the State of Connecticut Department of Administrative Services (DAS) at


Submit two copies of the proposals to Andre P. Trudelle, Grant Writer and Contract Manager, Town of Sprague, PO Box 677, Baltic, CT  06330 by 3:00 PM, August 21, 2019.


The Town of Sprague reserve the right to reject any and all bids or any portion of any bid or to waive any technicality if deemed in the best interest of the Town of Sprague. 






Town of Sprague

Request for Proposal

Lead-based paint testing and consulting services



General Requirements


The Town of Sprague has received funding from the Department of Housing to administer a Town-wide housing rehabilitation loan program. As part of the program requirements all properties built before 1978 in which painted surfaces are being disturbed as part of the proposed rehabilitation said surfaces must be tested for the presence of lead.


The Town of Sprague is requesting proposals from licensed lead-based paint risk assessors to conduct lead hazard assessments, inspections, prepare management and or abatement plans.


The selected consultant shall be responsible for compliance will all federal, state and local statues, and regulations. Consultants and individual professional staff that provide services shall be licensed and or certified by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). All services provided shall be consistent with the requirement and guidelines of the HUD Office of Healthy Home and Lead Hazard Control and the State of Connecticut.


The selected consultant shall maintain a minimum liability insurance as follows:

1.  Professional liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence,

2. Commercial general liability of $1,000,000 per occurrence and injury of $2,000,000 per occurrence. 

3. Contractor Pollution Liability Insurance naming the Town as an additional insured and shall contain limits of $$2,000,000.00 for each pollution incident and $2,000,000.00 in the aggregate    

4. Workers Compensation as required by the State of Connecticut statues, and

5. Automobile liability and property damage at $300,000 per occurrence and $1,000,000 aggregate.


Scope of Services


The selected consultant will provide advice and recommendation an unusual or complex lead hazard control projects at the request of the town of Sprague. The need for consultation may arise out of (1) lead hazard assessment, risk assessment, and specification development activities as described in this RFP, (2) the need for a preliminary lead hazard control and or feasibility assessment for a specific property, (3) the application of recently developed approaches to lead hazard control (4) revised in trim controls and standard treatments that may be implemented and (5) difficulties that arise at specific lead hazard control projects. 


The selected consultant shall be licensed by the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) as a lead consultant contractor and assign a DPH certified lead planner/project designer to provide these services. The assigned designer must have extensive knowledge and experience in lead hazard control techniques, cost effective approaches to lead hazard control, and national best practice information. The assigned designer must have substantial knowledge 24 CFR Part 35 subpart J and R, Federal EPA regulation at 40 CFR part 745.227 and the regulations of Connecticut State agencies Section 19a -111-11.


The written lead inspection/assessment report shall include (1) a lead risk assessment analysis (2) a comprehensive lead inspection report (3) a lead management plan and (4) a lead hazard control plan that identifies on a room/area basis each component that is a hazard and the action that is required to eliminate or control each hazard. Lead abatement shall be specified where required by regulation. Interim controls and standard treatment shall be specified were permitted by regulation.  A schematic floor plan of each dwelling unit shall be provided. The report shall identify requirements for lead abatement, interim controls, standard treatment, lead safe work practices, waste disposal, noting any special circumstances and considerations. A section of the report shall contain specifications for lead hazard control methods and standard treatments such as specialized cleaning, paint stabilization, interim treatment door replacement treatments, enclosure and encapsulation.   The report shall clearly identify lead hazard control actions in order for the contractor to assign cost values to each item when submitting a bid to perform the work. The report shall also include a lead management plan based upon the inspection and the lead hazard control plan. The consultant will be responsible to update the management plan after the property clearance, if required due to change in the scope of work. One copy of the report shall be mailed to the property owner, local health department when required and the program manager. 

 The selected consultant shall be DPH licensed as a lead consultant contractor and assign staff who are DPH certified for lead inspection, lead inspection risk assessment, and lead planner-project design to perform the appropriate inspection, risk assessment and design services as required.

Cost proposals are on a per dwelling basis and shall combine the lead inspection, lead risk assessment, lead hazard control plan, lead management plan and report as a single cost based on the number of dwelling per structure including dust wipes and soil samples.

 Proposals must include the following:


1.         A detailed statement of the firm's experience, qualifications and knowledge of the Federal and State regulations including CFR 24, Part 35.

2.         Names, licenses and certifications of individuals to be assigned to the project.

3.         A sample copy of test results, type of instrument XRF tests will be taken with, drawings,

 abatement/management plans and sample of specifications previously completed must be

             submitted with the proposal for review.

4.         In order to effectively manage the program, the Town will require that test results and appropriate plans and information be received within two weeks of the order date. If you are unable to commit to this schedule, please indicate the time frame required.

 5.         Prior to issuance of a contract, the proposer will be required to submit original certificate of insurance showing insurance coverage as described above.


6.         A copy of the firm's Affirmative Action Policy or Plan, if applicable, and it's State

Department of Administrative Services Small/Minority/Female Business Certification if applicable.


 Complete the fee schedule shown below and return it with your proposal.





                       Risk Assessment with                                                     Risk Assessment With

                          Management Plan                                                               Abatement Plan


Single Unit



Single Unit


2 Family



2 Family


3 Family



3 Family


4 Family



4 Family




Company Name:                                                                                              


Town:                                                      State                    Zip                    

Phone :                                                Fax                                         



EIN #                                                                                                 








Please contact Peter Testa of A&E Services Group, LLC at 203-518-2054 or with any questions.


Proposals are due to Andre Trudelle 1 Main Street, PO Box 677, Baltic CT 06330, no later than 3:00 pm on    Wednesday, August 21, 2019.  The award will be based upon price, experience and availability. The Town of Sprague reserves the right to reject any and all proposals as deemed in their best interest.






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